We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Scott, an 83-year-old retired sociologist and therapist who shared his experience using LINNER Nova hearing aids. Despite having significant hearing loss in his right ear and being on a tight budget, Mr. Scott remains active and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and walking his dog. Let's take a closer look at Mr. Scott's experience with LINNER Nova hearing aids and how they have improved his quality of life.

Customer Journey

Mr. Scott mentioned purchasing two pairs of hearing aids before trying LINNER Nova. His previous hearing aids were covered by insurance, but he can no longer afford another pair. Mr. Scott was drawn to LINNER Nova's affordable price and attractive appearance, so he purchased them through the campaign page on Indiegogo without too much research or hesitation.

Perception on LINNER

When asked about his perception of LINNER Nova compared to other brands, Mr. Scott found LINNER Nova's affordability and simplicity appealing. However, he did experience some issues with the hearing aids, such as difficulty getting them out of the case and unstable performance with the LINNER app. Additionally, he found the smallest tips a bit too large for his ears.

Features and Suggestions

Mr. Scott found LINNER Nova's sterilization feature essential, as earwax often interferes with his hearing aids. He suggested that LINNER provide more updates and FAQs for issues with the LINNER app and offer ear hooks and smaller ear tips for users with small ear canals. Despite these suggestions, Mr. Scott still appreciated the overall quality-to-cost ratio and the five points over the spectrum that LINNER picked, making more sense than a 1-10 scale.


Mr. Scott mainly used his hearing aids for conversations with people, outdoor activities such as hearing the sound of nature, and watching TV. He made sure to get used to the hearing aids first and wear them comfortably for a long time before wearing them during more active activities. LINNER Nova's ease of use allowed Mr. Scott to seamlessly incorporate them into his daily routine.

Advantages of LINNER Nova

LINNER Nova's affordability and simplicity have allowed Mr. Scott to continue living an active lifestyle without breaking the bank. Additionally, the sterilization feature has helped to prevent earwax buildup and keep the hearing aids functioning optimally. While Mr. Scott did experience some issues with the hearing aids, LINNER is continuously working to improve its products and services based on user feedback.


Mr. Scott's experience with LINNER Nova highlights the importance of providing an affordable and useful hearing solution for active seniors. At LINNER, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality over-the-counter hearing aids that meet the needs of our users. We appreciate Mr. Scott's feedback and suggestions, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our products and services.

February 28, 2023 — LinnerOfficial

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