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At LINNER, we understand the frustration and isolation that can come with hearing loss, and we are dedicated to helping those in need.


LINNER Launches LINNER NOVA, An Antibacterial Hearing Aids with the Unprecedented Features

Meet Linner Nova – Hearing aids disguised as full-fledged earbuds

LINNER Nova Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Talk & TV

Hearing aids may be the surprise holiday gift category nobody saw coming

LINNER launches NOVA, antibacterial hearing aids with unprecedented features

LINNER Nova Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Talk and TV

Linner Nova: The Hearing Buds from Linner Generating a Lot of Buzz

Linner Nova Hearing Buds – Smart Hearing Aids for Hearing-Impaired

Give the gift of hearing this holiday with the Linner Nova Hearing Buds.

Linner Nova Hearing Aids Review – If It’s Volume You Want, It’s Volume You Get

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Customer reviews

-Jesse Santiago

Meet Jesse Santiago, a happy LINNER user who loves the clear conversation and noise cancellation features with 4 environmental modes, the UV-C lights cleaning capabilities, and the discreet appearance that prevents stigmas surrounding hearing loss users. Check out his UGC video to learn more!


How to Choose the Perfect Hearing Aid for Summer Activities

May 26, 2023

For adventurous seniors, summer brings a world of excitement and outdoor exploration. As seasoned explorers, you understand the value of embracing the beauty of nature and savoring every moment of your outdoor pursuits. However, ensuring that your hearing health remains at its best is crucial to fully appreciate the joys that await you.

Hearing tips for the Allergy Season

May 19, 2023

If you've ever experienced an ear infection or had fluid build-up in your ears, you're likely familiar with the impact of conductive hearing loss. This type of hearing loss occurs when an obstruction hinders the vibrations necessary for sound processing, resulting in muffled hearing or even temporary hearing loss. Allergies trigger the release of histamine by the immune system in response to allergens, causing various reactions including congestion in the ear and increased mucus, which can lead to conductive hearing loss.

Discover the Science of Birdsong and Experience Spring with LINNER Hearing Aids

May 11, 2023

Have you ever stopped and listened to the captivating melodies of birdsong on a beautiful spring day? Birds sing for various reasons, such as communicating, marking territories, and attracting mates. In this post, we'll explore the fascinating science behind birdsong and how LINNER hearing aids can help you fully appreciate these delightful sounds this spring.


I like your product overall.

As a wearer for about 10 years now, these have what I need. The UV clean is great. No more chemicals. Ears don't itch.

I like it being designed for dialogue. I work in noisy environment and the settings help dampen the amplified background. I can hear better with these than other more costly aids I use.

Jesse Santiago

#13 I believe I am. So far working good. The company seems to be working hard on improving products. Good product for what i need.❤

Steve Standbridge