Life Starts From Hearing

When people are getting older, hearing situation is also becoming worse and starts having difficulty listening and understanding. LINNER is devoted to helping these people by providing comfotabel hearing experience and user-friendly products.

Hearing Amplifier

bring back real nature world hearing experience


Comprehensive protection for your ears

Linner Connect

Upgrade your hearing aids to a new level



Up to 99.93% bacteria suppression and 99.99% sterilization

Bacteriostatic eartips

Built-in UV-C lamp

LINNER Connect

Enjoy direct TV streaming or listen from a distance with Linner Connect

Mic mode

pick up a voice up to 66ft away

Dual modes

LINNER Connect could pair with LINNER Nova automactically, and work as either a TV adpater or Wireless Microphone

TV Mode

immersive lip-sync TV experience

Hearing Enhancement

16-Channels Digital Processor

Beam-forming Environment Noise Reduction

Feedback Suppression

LINNER Nova video

Suitable for all scenarios

App & Charge


8+32hrs playtime on the go

Product Exhibition