Linner Venus OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible]

1.FDA-Registered & Audiologist-Recommended
2.Knowles Speaker for Better Sound Delivery
3.Enhanced Comfort with up to 24 Hours Battery Life
4.Adaptive Feedback Control
5.Discreet & Compact Design
6.Multi-sized Eartips for Better Fit
7.For Mild Degree of Hearing Loss
8.3 Sound Modes

$169.99 $199.99
By Linner


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Comfortable & Discreet Wear

Enjoy the comfort of a discreet and virtually invisible design ensuring a seamless and natural appearance, designed to cater to individuals with mild hearing loss.

AudioPrecision™ LINNER's Exclusive Algorithm for Superior Sound.

Experience superior sound quality & clarity with the inclusion of Knowles speakers with a sophisticated 12 channel sound processor across a wide range of frequencies.

Easy to Use & Customization

Easy and intuitiveTouch Panel Control, discreet and seamless operation.
With 3 Sound Modes for better customization.

Comfort Speaks Louder than Ever

Different Sized & Styled eartips for the exact fit ensuring all - day comfort

Elimination of Annoying Whistling & Feedback Sounds

ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted listening experience without the distraction of irritating noises.

Extended Usage & Charge on the Go Flexibility

Enjoy the convenience continuously for 24 hours usage, pocket-sized charging case ensures that users can easily top up battery levels whenever needed.

Active Lifestyle Compatibility

For Those with active lifestyles can confidently engage in activities such as exercise, sports, or outdoor adventures without worrying about damage from sweat or environmental conditions.

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What’s In The Box

1.Hearing Aids * 1 Pair
2.Charging Case * 1
3.USB-C Cable * 1
4.User Manual * 1
5.Eartips * 3 Pairs
6.Charging Case: Li-ion Battery * 1
Hearing Aid :
Li-ion Battery * 2 Rechargeable


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