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LINNER Flamenco Soundbar

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Product: Rose wood【 *Only available in the U.S.*】
  • Rose wood【 *Only available in the U.S.*】
  1. 2.0 Stereo Soundbar with Elegant Design: Features 4 full-range speakers & 2 passive subwoofers for powerful 40W peak stereo sound & Combines rosewood casing with silver iron mesh for a timeless aesthetic.
  2. Enhanced Connectivity & Multiple Input Options Includes HDMI ARC for digital signals and CEC control for seamless TV and soundbar synchronization & Supports Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and HDMI connections.
  3. 12 Levels Adjustable Tone with 3 Scene Modes: Adjusts for various degrees of hearing loss & Choose from Music, Movie, or Talk modes to suit different uses.
  4. Versatile Placement: Wall-mounted or placed on TV cabinets for flexible setup options.
  5. Delicate Sound Holes Design: Designed with precision, the soundbar features delicate sound holes that provide up to a 47.67% ventilation rate, minimizing sound loss and ensuring a clear and powerful audio output.
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Black Matte Plastic


Silver Metal




Crafted specifically for living room settings to cater to the personalized listening needs of individuals with hearing impairments, This series blends elements of flamenco dance, employing a design language that combines wood grain with aluminummetal craftsman-ship. it retains classical elegance while high-lighting modern technological sophistication, aiming to provide con.sumers with products that harmonize design and technology.

Introducing Flamenco Series

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The LINNER Soundbar combines elements of flamenco with a design featuring rosewood and silver metal, capturing the aesthetic appeal of wooden craftsmanship while exuding the premium feel of metal.

Meet the soundbar you have not experienced before
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Flamenco inside
Stereo soundfield from 4 powerful speakers

The LINNER Soundbar boasts four 2-inch 20W full-range speakers, deliver-ing expansive, immersive sound for users to enjoy a truly captivating audiovisual experience.

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Hear with clarity

With a unique feature designed for individuals with hearing impairments, the LINNER Soundbar enables users to tailor their audio experience by adjusting the 12-level tone settings.

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Connect to your TV with a HDMI ARC cable, enjoy lossless sound quality, control your soundbar and TV with a single remote.

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Multiple modes

Users can seamlessly switch between three modes: Dialogue, Movie, and Music, each optimized for specific scenarios to ensure an enhanced audio experience tailored to their preferences.

Start using your Soundbar easily

Step 3. Tuning
Step 2. Connection

Step 1. Set Up

Fine tune the soundbar by adjusting between 32 level volumes, 16 level tones and 3 modes, there is always one that suits you.

Choose your preferred connection port from AUX, OPT, or HDMI ARC inputs. Seamlessly switch between these ports using your remote control.

If you have a TV stand, you can easily place the soundbar on it for a streamlined setup. In case you don't have a stand, don't worry – we also offer wall mounts, allowing you to mount the soundbar on the wall for a space-saving solution.


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Upgrade your audiovisual

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What is in the box

1 x Soundbar

1 x Remote control

2 x AAA battery

1 x Power cable

1 x 3.5mm AUX cable

1 x HDMI cable

2 x Wall mounting kit

1 x Wall mounting template

1 x Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Versatile and Powerful

This soundbar enhances my audio experience significantly.


Setting up the LINNER Flamenco Soundbar was incredibly easy.

Michael Lee
Easy connection

fantastic, providing clear and powerful audio. Connecting my devices was super easy, and the sound quality is consistently impressive. Absolutely worth it!

Emily Brown
Crystal clear audio!

I love the clarity of the sound from the LINNER Flamenco Soundbar. It's great for different types of media with its multiple modes. Plus, the connection process was incredibly simple and quick. This soundbar is a fantastic addition to my home entertainment system.