LINNER Mercury OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible]

By Linner


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Timeless Classic Meets Modern Performance in Every Note

Experience the perfect combination of traditional aesthetics and ergonomic design with our hearing aids.
Rediscover the joys of clear and amplified sound without compromising on style or comfort.

LINNER Mercury

  • Up to 50dB Gain
    for Better Fit Range
  • Noise Cancellation
    for Better Focus
  • Ergonomic Comfort
    with 20-Hour Use
  • 16-Channel Sound Processor
    for Clarity
  • Versatile Sound Control
    for Different Scenery
  • Sweat & Water Resistant
    to Stay Dry & Clean


LINNER is a leading innovator in hearing technology, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with hearing challenges. With a focus on exceptional design and advanced functionality, LINNER's range of hearing aids redefines the way we experience sound.

Audologists Recommended & FDA Approval

Experience clear, confident hearing with our FDA-approved OTC hearing aids, endorsed by audiologists for superior quality.

Supreme Sound Calrity

Discover the benefits of armature speakers & 16-Channel Processor in OTC hearing aids. Their small size ensures a discreet and comfortable fit.
Enjoy clear and accurate sound reproduction, reduced distortion, and customizable settings tailored to your unique hearing profile. Every sound is crystal clear.

Noise Cancellation

Shut out the noise, tune into clarity. Whether in bustling cafes, crowded buses, or the hum of an office, our Active Noise Cancellation ensures you hear only what you want to. It's not just sound, it's an experience.

Versatile Sound Control

Your sound, your way. With 3 distinct modes and 9 volume levels, our hearing aid adapts to every setting. From silent libraries to roaring stadiums, always have the perfect sound at your fingertips.

Sweat and Water Resistant

Take on any adventure. Whether it's an intense workout or a sudden downpour, our sweat and water-resistant design keeps your sound uninterrupted. Push boundaries without ever missing a beat.

Long-Lasting Power

Power that doesn't quit. Enjoy up to 20 hours of unmatched audio quality. And when it's time for a recharge? Our fast charging ensures you're back in the groove in no time.

Convenient On-the-Go Charging

Charge as you live: fast and wireless. Place it on a compatible pad, and it powers up, no strings (or wires) attached. Always be ready for your next audio adventure, wherever it takes you.

Setting New Standards in Hearing Technology

While comparing, you'll find following industry-leading features. With a 16-channel processor, selectable volume, and a maximum gain of 50dB, it stands out from the rest.
But what truly sets it apart is its unique ability to eliminate feedback, ensuring clear and uninterrupted sound.
Experience the difference of LINNER Mercury and embrace a new level of hearing excellence.

Enhanced Social & Family Interaction

Actively participate in family conversations, strengthening bonds and connections with loved ones.

Better engagement in social activities, leading to a more active and fulfilling social life.

Premium Quality Assured

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
BTE hearing aid that is very good at an excellent price point.

I'm a broadcast and audio engineer with aging ears. So finding a reasonably acceptable hearing device has been a challenge. I also know the markup for the technology is way out of line. Thus, I was pleased to find these diminutive Linner "Mercury" digital hearing aids on sale during Black Friday for slightly over $100 per ear! While the bandwidth and built-in equalization curve are less than ideal for my hearing needs, having the actual speaker in the ear canal rather than on the far end of a sound tube, plus the use of non occluding ear tips, makes for much more realistic sound amplification. Sure, a multi microphone device with Blue Tooth connectivity for control and music streaming would have been nice additions. But, I'll settle for a simpler invisible device that's fairly easy to control from its own push-buttons rather than bulbous earpods you won't want to use on a continuous basis for hearing loss. I have those multifunction devices too, but they make you self conscious and barely stay in place in your ear canal by fitting so tightly you get heavily occluded sound, very loud chewing noise while eating. A hearing aid that will permit natural sound to pass into your ears along with enhanced digital audio processing for voice range speech is more to my liking and may be more to yours too.

Better than Phonak and Oticon

I am a middle aged university professor with moderate hearing loss. I used to spend thousands on prescription Oticon and Phonak hearing devices. I can assure you that Linner OTC hearings aids (both the Nova and Mercury) are every bit as effective at a fraction of the price. They work well both in the classroom and in larger noisier settings.

Howard G.
Better then prescription!

These are by far the best hearing aids out their! Even better sound quality then my $2K pair of Phonaks!

Louis Barry
Pros and Cons of the Linner Mercury Hearing Aid

Although I received the Linner Mercury Hearing Aids in a reasonable time frame, I was somewhat shocked that they were shipped from far off China via DHL. The result being I was charged a reasonable $1.98 Customs charge, but a whopping DHL Customs clearing fee of $32 (I raise this issue because the buyer is responsible for return shipping if it is necessary to do so) I have now used the hearing aids for a period of time and I can report they are comfortable to wear and do provide some hearing assist albeit the sound quality could be improved

Great price quality

Bought these hearing devices for my mother. It took her a while to get used to them, if the ear piece does not fit exactly a loud beep comes out. Now she loves them.