Linner Nova OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible]

1.FDA - Registered & Audiologist Recommended
2.Greate Sound Clarity
3.Noise Cancellation & Feedback Suppression
4.Ergonomic Design Wear Comfort
5.8 Hours Battery Life
6.Pockert Sized Charging Case - 4 x Powers
7.LINNER HA APP Compatibility
8.Auto UVC-Sterilization for Better Hygiene
9.IPX5 Waterproof for Active Lifestyle
$254.99 $299.99


Consultation with Professional Audiologists, Unlock a Clear Hearing World!

FREE consultations for LINNER users to help you understand your hearing condition &
provide personalized advice at no extra cost. .

Hearing loss can seriously affect

Communication Matters

Linner Nova can improve communication and participation by amplifying sounds, reducing noise, and offering customizable settings through the LINNER app.

Linner Lite OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible] linnerlife
Customization that fits

4 Sound Modes

LINNER NOVA offers four different audio modes to meet your needs from home to the outdoors.

Communication Matters

Effortless Conversation

LINNER NOVA is specially optimized for conversations.

After months of speaker sampling, acoustic tuning, and prototype testing, NOVA ensures clear conversations no matter if you are at home, in a crowded street, or a noisy restaurant.

Improved speech understanding & overall audio quality

Enhance Sound Not the Noise

Enhance sound clarity while reducing unwanted background noise with advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques to distinguish between the desired speech or environmental sounds and undesirable noise.

Total solutions to revolutionize


Enhanced Sound Clarity:
The 2-mic beamforming technology allows wearers to focus on the sounds that matter most.

Up to 45dB Enhancement:
Experience a remarkable up to 45dB enhancement in targeted sound amplification. to ensure a substantial boost in the desired direction.

Directional Voice Pick-Up:
Allowing the hearing aid to focus on specific sources of sound.

Connection Made Easy

Universal Connectivity

Hands-Free Call Capability:
Offers convenient hands-free calling, providing a hassle-free communication experience.

Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity:
Enjoy improved connectivity, faster data transfer, and a more reliable connection between your hearing aids and your devices.

Smart Control via App:
Adjust settings, customize preferences, and optimize your hearing aid's performance effortlessly.

Patented Audio Process Algorithm


LINNER Nova combines  18-channel signal system & WDRC adjustment with accoustic feedback cancellation algorithms to keep howling away and restore sound authenticity.

Convenient & Durable

IPX5 Waterproof & Auto-on

With an IPX5 waterproof coating, you can wear LINNER Nova in most weather conditions.

Easy to use with auto-on in-ear detection.

Maximizing Convenience

Qi Wireless Charging

Hearing Aids fully charged within 1 hour with Qi wireless charging.

*Wireless charger is not included.

Better Hygiene & Fit Assurances

Built-in UV-C Light

Antibacterial Eartips

Customization at Your Fingertips


Connection Made Easy

LINNER Connect

Mic & TV Mode


First-time user or getting acquainted, don't hesitate to reach out!
Our dedicated customer service and licensed audiologists are ready to assist you.
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New Users & Beginners:

LINNER OTC Hearing Aids


For those who encounter any issues during your wearing period. 
Our expert team is here to support you.
Contact our customer service and licensed audiologists, we'll work together to address them.

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LINNER OTC Hearing Aids

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Raivo Sarapuu

Rating - 3 stars.
It has happened a few times that when I put the hearing aids in my ears and later look at the app, it shows that the left and right hearing aids are not connected. Then I put them back in the box, and when I put them back in the ear, the opposite happened again, that if the right one was not connected before, the left one was not connected after taking it out of the box. It doesn't happen often.
Nothing happens when I move the sliders from the Advanced Setting menu, at least I don't hear anything getting better or worse.
It is quite difficult to take them out of the box, the hearing aids are too slippery.
I use them in dialogue mode, because then you can hear the best, especially high frequencies, but in this mode, I would like to turn them down a bit, but I can't anymore, because they are on the minimum.
There are very few configuration options in the app.
Well, of course, they are not suitable for listening to music at all.
The LG TONE Free DFP9 are ideal for listening to music and are very easy to get out of the box as they lie flat in the box which makes it easy to pick them up.
The letter you sent me, there is no way to choose a grade - only 5 stars and that's it. It's all very intrusive that I can't express my opinion - that's what you're asking yourself.
Fortunately, you can choose stars online.
Translated from Estonian with Google Translate.

Rick Harkness
They sent me the wrong thing and will not make it right

I ordered a pair of novas which are 239 and they sent me a pair of Mercury's which is and $139 I don't trust people that do that

Disappointed in Nova Hearing aids

I am one of those users that have been in a pair of $7500 hearing aids and wanted something to replace them that had bluetooth capability. The first thing I noticed about the Nova hearing aids was that the battery expired way before the promised 8 hours. The streaming part and the phone part of the Nova aids was exceptional but the hearing aid part was not good with feedback even when you adjusted them which was a deal breaker for me because I did not need another set of just earbuds to listen to music with so I am returning them.

Judith Kehoe
Great customer service

Really good customer service

Patrick Riggs
Love Them

This my second set of earring aids, I can hear better than ever, easy to use and adjust, I love the app use on my phone, my only issue is , I have small ear canals and the aids won't stay in unless I use the straps that came with them