LINNER Pictor Visual Ear Cleaner

By Linner

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Why should you clean earwax?

Hazards of Earwax Impaction - The symptoms of earwax impaction vary depending on the degree and location of the blockage. Partial blockage of the ear canal often presents no symptoms. Complete blockage can lead to hearing loss. When earwax presses against the eardrum, it can cause dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss. If the earwax compresses the skin on the posterior wall of the ear canal, it can stimulate the auricular branch of the vagus nerve, triggering a reflex cough. When earwax absorbs water and expands, it can result in a sudden drop in hearing.

Moreover, earwax poses significant risks to hearing aids as it can easily clog the receiver, resulting in reduced sound output from the hearing aid.

Traditional-style ear picks

Earwax removal by using cotton swabs or other objects carries safety risks and can easily cause damage to the ear or eardrum.

Unclean removal methods may leave behind residual earwax, making it difficult to determine how much wax remains.

Discomfort during earwax removal is often caused by the use of stainless steel structures, which can lead to discomfort.

LINNER Pictor Visual Ear Cleaner

Real-time monitoring of the ear condition to avoid safety risks.

Observe residual earwax through a camera to ensure thorough cleaning.

The ear pick head is made of medical-grade silicone, providing a comfortable experience.

Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Device

Equipped with a 300W HD camera, ensuring safe and reliable ear cleaning without blind digging.

Connect via Wi-Fi to the app and view the real-time condition of your ear on your mobile device.

Stable Ear Pick Design

The ear pick is made with a stainless steel structure and food-grade silicone, while competitors typically use plastic structures and regular silicone. Plastic structures pose safety risks of breakage inside the ear, whereas stainless steel offers higher strength and the use of food-grade materials provides peace of mind.

Three-axis Smart Gyroscope

The three-axis smart gyroscope enables greater freedom and versatility in ear cleaning angles.

Achieve precise and steady ear cleaning with accurate imaging angles, regardless of how the ear pick's camera rotates.