I like your product overall.

As a wearer for about 10 years now, these have what I need. The UV clean is great. No more chemicals. Ears don't itch.
— Jesse Santiago

Jesse Video Feedback

I like it being designed for dialogue. I work in noisy environment and the settings help dampen the amplified background. I can hear better with these than other more costly aids I use.

#13 I believe I am. So far working good. The company seems to be working hard on improving products. Good product for what i need.❤
— Steve Standbridge
Moderate hearing loss
Moderate hearing loss
I was very excited about Linner Nova when I saw it crowdfunded and ordered a pair. I have several pair of Bluetooth hearing aids but theses are my favorites.

I have moderate hearing loss and I had to return a different brand for not being loud enough. These are very clear. One thing I noticed after a while is the UV cleaning works because my ears stopped itching.

They last longer than others on a charge and when they need charged they are usable faster than any I've tried. These are an excellent value.
— Mr. Laffon
The design of these earbuds is incredibly impressive, resembling a natural set that most people would wear. They seamlessly blend in, without drawing unnecessary attention to any hearing issues. It's like they were made for me! And guess what? The UV self-cleaning feature is an absolute game-changer. No more worries about germs or hygiene.

Plus, the bundled user's app adds a whole new level of convenience and customization. And let me tell you, the sound quality is simply outstanding. These earbuds have genuinely enhanced my life, and what's even better is that they come at an affordable price. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
— Jesse Santiago