LINNER Quick Start Guide & LINNER  Connect Set Up

LINNER Quick Start Guide

  • Bluetooth connection:
    Step 1: power on LINNER Nova hearing aids
    Step 2: hearing aids start pairing automatically
    Step 3: pair LINNER Nova hearing aids with mobile phone
    Step 4: check whether the white LED lights are off to ensure completion of connection

  • Control:
    Volume adjustment: click buttons on the earbuds to adjust volume
    Power off: simply put the LINNER Nova hearing aids back

LINNER Connect set up

  • LINNER Connect Set-up:
    Step 1: power on LINNER Nova hearing aids and make sure they are paired but not connected to any devices (white LED lights should be blinking)
    Step 2: power on LINNER Connect and it will automatically connect with the hearing aids; check whether the "PAIR" light is on
    Step 3: insert audio cable to the LINNER Connect to activate "AUX" mode