The Background of OTC Hearing Aids and LINNER Hearing Aids

One brand of OTC hearing aids that has gained popularity in recent years is LINNER. LINNER hearing aids are small, wearable devices that are designed to amplify sounds in order to improve hearing.

New Year, Hear the New Possibility

January 6, 2023

As the new year approaches, people may be thinking about resolutions to improve their health and well-being. If you or a loved one is living with hearing loss problems, you may not realize that treating this condition can help you achieve many of your New Year's resolutions.

Disinfecting Your Hearing Aids to Keep Them Clean and Hygienic

December 16, 2022

It is important for hearing aid users to regularly check their earbuds that come into contact with the ear canal. These components can become dirty and may harbor bacteria and other microorganisms, so cleaning or replacing them on a regular basis can help to improve the overall hygiene of the hearing aids.

Christmas Gift Guide

December 9, 2022

As the holiday season approaches, many people are starting to think about what gifts to buy for their loved ones. If you have a senior family member or friend, you may be wondering what kind of gifts would be suitable for them. We will provide some gift ideas for seniors that are both thoughtful and practical.

Linner Shipping Updates

November 17, 2022

We are back today to bring you the latest shipping information. The first batch from contribution numbers 1 to 400 will ship begining from tomorrow and the second batch will be shipped on November 15th. Please note that the tracking numbers will be uploaded to the system as soon as they become available. Stay tuned!