Dr. Lusine Mamikonyan

Dr. Lusine Mamikonyan is an ENT physician with a public health background. She graduated from Yerevan State Medical University and earned her Master's in Public Health from the American University of Armenia. She is experienced in conducting various audiological evaluation tests, providing treatment, and working with hearing aids and patients with cochlear implants.


Cerumen Impaction

Instructions on proper ear hygiene can decrease the risk of earwax. People should avoid using cotton swabs or other objects to clean their ears. Individuals with frequent cerumen impaction can use mineral oil from time to time. Maintaining hearing aid hygiene can also prevent earwax blockage.  

Age-Related Hearing Loss

Age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis, is a gradual hearing loss in both ears affecting the elderly population. The term presbycusis originates from the Greek words “old hearing.”


Tinnitus is a sensation of sound in one or both ears without any external sound source. More than 99% of the cases are subjective, as the noise is only perceived by the affected individual and is associated with hearing etiology.

Ménière disease

Ménière disease is a rare inner ear disorder that can impair hearing and balance, mainly affecting one ear. It progresses slowly and can significantly impact the patient’s overall quality of life.