When you first start using new hearing aids, you might face certain challenges. To maximize the benefits of your investment, we have prepared a comprehensive 30-day plan designed to assist you in adapting to your new hearing aids and unleashing their complete capabilities.

Day 1: Unboxing and Getting Started

Upon unboxing, you will discover a range of ear tips to choose from. Take your time in selecting the ones that fit your ears securely and comfortably. Ensuring a proper fit is essential for optimal sound quality and comfort, especially during prolonged use.

Day 1 - Day 30: Gradual Adjustment for Optimal Comfort

We understand that adapting to new hearing aids can take time. On the first day, start with a low volume and limit your usage to short intervals. Your ears need time to adjust to the amplified sound. As the days progress, gradually increase the volume and usage time. This methodical approach allows your brain to adapt to the new sensory input gradually.

Tuning for a Customized Experience

The LINNER Deluxe hearing aids are carefully crafted to accommodate your individual requirements. If you notice that the sound quality doesn't meet your expectations or needs fine-tuning, there's no need to worry. You have the flexibility to customize the tone across various levels and choose from mode settings such as Dialogue, Commute, Restaurant, and Outdoor. This enables you to enjoy a personalized and comfortable hearing experience.

Accessible Customer Service

At LINNER, we value our customers and their hearing health. If you encounter any issues or have questions during your 30-day journey with the LINNER Deluxe hearing aids, our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you.

You can reach us via phone at +1(888) 819 1558 (from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time, Monday to Friday). Alternatively, you can send us an email at, and we guarantee a response within 24 hours. For additional resources, visit our website at, where you'll find a rich collection of frequently asked questions and comprehensive instructions.

Remember, patience is key during the initial days of adjustment. As you gradually increase the volume and usage time, you'll unlock the full potential of your hearing aids, and your world will be filled with the beautiful sounds you may have been missing.

Take advantage of our exceptional customer service if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We are committed to your satisfaction and want you to enjoy every moment of your improved hearing with LINNER Deluxe.

So, start your 30-day journey today with LINNER Deluxe and make every word of love heard.


30 Days to Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

August 09, 2023 — JinxxxPublic

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