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LINNER was founded in Santa Clara, California, in 2016 through a successful crowdfunding campaign that delivered the world's lightest acoustic noise canceling earbuds. LINNER established its signature technology with more than two million LINNER noise canceling earbuds sold worldwide.

LINNER derives from the word "listener" and the philosophy that LINNER is committed to providing a better hearing experience through innovative technologies such as advanced noise cancellation, directional voice pick-up, and beam-forming algorithms.

Innovative Medical Devices for Seniors

For many years, products for seniors have been conservative and "non-functional." Hence, seniors miss many opportunities to use new technologies to meet their daily comfort needs. LINNER has decided to change this situation by adopting its in-house technology to develop medical devices that are more user-friendly and easier to use.

For LINNER, user experience is the most crucial element in the introduction of new products. Before launching the project, LINNER communicated with its end users for months to fully understand their needs and integrate the demands into the final product design.

As people age, some may suffer from hearing loss, impairing their ability to listen properly, leading to miscommunications, and increasing mental or physical risks.According to a CDC study, more than 30 million people in the US have hearing loss of varying severity, but less than 20% have access to hearing aids.

Back in 2019, LINNER discovered that its acoustic technology could not only help people enjoy music and make better phone calls in a noisy environment but could also help people with hearing loss have better conversations and listening experiences. The discovery of its advanced technology gave birth to LINNER NOVA.

NOVA refers to "New Life'' and stands for the principle that LINNER strives to bring hearing back to people with hearing loss. In 2022, NOVA is ready to meet everyone, and it is designed for moderate to severe hearing loss. Featuring two high-performance microphones and acoustic tuning, users can obtain more precise audio sound or reduce the unwanted sounds picked up in different scenarios instead of amplifying all noises. 

In addition, LINNER NOVA also offers new features to enhance the hearing experience, such as medical-grade antibacterial ear tips, UV-C lamp sterilization, and even LINNER Connect, an accessory designed to improve the TV streaming experience. Last but not least, for doyen users, LINNER offers a self-fitting app to perform a self-fitting test at home.