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LINNER OTC Hearing Aids

About Us

LINNER, established in 2016 in Santa Clara, California, stands as a beacon of 
innovation to a life well heard. We're dedicated to transforming how you 
experience sound, with blending cutting-edge technology & sleek design.

With a focus on precision and clarity, LINNER crafts hearing aids products(OTC) 
that break boundaries. From immersive sound quality to ergonomic design, 
we're here to elevate your hearing experiences to the next level.

Innovative Medical Devices for Seniors

For many years, products for seniors have been conservative and "non-functional." Hence, seniors miss many opportunities to use new technologies to meet their daily comfort needs. LINNER has decided to change this situation by adopting its in-house technology to develop medical devices that are more user-friendly.

For LINNER, user experience is the most crucial element in the introduction of new products. Before launching the project, LINNER communicated with its end users for months to fully understand their needs and integrate the demands into the final product design.