Linner Lite OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible]


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Audio Comparison (Four Modes)

Before Wearing Linner Nova: Hearing loss can affect communication and participation in activities.

After Wearing Linner Nova: Linner Nova hearing aids can improve communication and participation by amplifying sounds, reducing noise, and offering customizable settings through the LINNER app.

4 Sound Modes

NOVA offers four different audio modes to meet your needs from home to the outdoors. Users can select the mode based on their location and what they want to hear. The human voice and background noise will be processed differently for each mode to suit the actual environment. For example,the DIALOGUE MODE will have the most human voice enhancement and the least background noise. On the other hand, the OUTDOOR MODE will have the most background noise and the least human voice enhancement.

Effortless Conversation

LINNER NOVA is specially optimized for conversations. After months of speaker sampling, acoustic tuning, and prototype testing, NOVA ensures clear conversations no matter if you are at home, in a crowded street, or a noisy restaurant. With a built-in high-speed chipset, NOVA captures ambient sound at a 16KHz sampling rate and intelligently separates human voice from background sound. This allows NOVA to reduce background noise to the maximum while maintaining a natural and crystal clear human voice.

Linner Lite OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible] linnerlife

Hands-free Call

Receiving calls and listening to the latest hits has never been easier. LINNER Nova supports Bluetooth 5.2 and allows the user to control the smart hearing aids via an app. With the multi-environment function, you can manage your daily activities right at your fingertips.

Hearing Enhancement

16-Channels Digital Processor

Beam-forming Environment Noise Reduction

Feedback Suppression

2-mic beamforming bringing up to 42dB enhancement and directional voice pick-up

Sound amplification is key parameter. LINNER NOVA can enhance up to 42dB which compensates moderate level of hearing loss.

Need to hear a designated person’s sound in a meeting or restaurant? LINNER NOVA adopts two mic beamforming technology to allow users to focus on the sound from the front, suppressing the sound from the left and right and making it less noticeable.

Noise filtered by technology - enhance the Sound not the Noise

Powered by a 16-channel signal system, LINNER NOVA can efficiently process sounds by frequency into various channels such as human voice, instruments, pet barking, etc. Each channel is adapted to its own WDRC adjustment, providing the user with a customized listening experience with greater accuracy and authenticity. These advanced technologies enable the precise transmission of active sounds to users.

IPX5 Water-resistant In-ear detection and AFC

Wearing aids in the rain or going for a jog? No worries. With an IPX5 waterproof coating, you can wear LINNER Nova in most weather conditions.

Another pain point is accoustic feedback which can be indeed annoying. Accoustic feedback cancellation algorithms are embedded to keep howling away.

Qi compatible Wireless charging

LINNER Nova lite has a long battery life and offers up to 40 hours of hearing enhancement time. It is compatible with brand-limited wireless charging. Users can place Nova on a wireless pad for a super-convenient charge boost. *Wireless charger is not included.


UV-C Antibacterial Light

Cleaning and maintaining your LINNER Nova hearing buds has never been easier! With the built-in UV-C light in the charging case, the hearing buds will undergo an autonomous cleanse once you put them in the case.

Built-in UV-C lamp

Up to 99.93% bacteria suppression and 99.99%sterilization

Bacteriostatic eartips

A more detailed feature comparison chart

Users can choose according to their actual needs. For more product questions, you can go to our FAQ page to view.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Improves hearing

My goal in trying these Nova Lites was to hear my soft spoken wife better. They work OK for this. I wish I could increase the volume more than 2-3 bars without feedback but no go. I wish I could adjust the bass/treble more finely.
They also amplify background noise. Need better acoustic filters.
Never having tried the expensive audiologist provide devices I cannot offer a comparison.
I will keep them as a reasonable benefit to cost solution to a mildly irritating problem.

Teo Marcus

No wind noise reduction although it helps to boost up better hearing. The sound is artificial when comes to speech.

Joseph Dain
Game Changer

Very happy with these. They fit well and have made hearing much better

Brad Mathews

Linner Lite OTC Hearing Aids [FSA & HSA Eligible]

Edmund Cunningham
Ed’ Thought

Works fairly well, I have trouble getting it in my ear